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Erica Case

I'm Erica Case.

I play Rock 'N Roll rhythm guitar. I was taught to play acoustic guitar at the age of 12 by my grandmother and artist, Bessie Lanning. I got my first guitar and amp when I was 13 and have been playing over ever since.

Bessie toured in the 60s with country music duo Carl & Pearl Butler and was a musical guest on the Ernest Tubb Record shop radio show countless times as you'll read more about her below. My grandfather was Floyd Lanning. Guitarist to Marty Robbins on his debut singles. His bio is on the next page. My mother is current artist Tara Lanning and you can find her links on the contact page.

With all that musical background I have chosen to follow in suit somewhere between Joan Jett and Johnny Cash with a little bit of Tammy Wynette and Eddy Arnold for good measure. 

Aside from some good friends that are talented musicians, I have never had a steady band.

I believe if you want something done, you just do it for yourself, and that's what I'm doing.

So don't settle for mediocrity.

I'm the real deal.


This is my grandmother, Bessie Lanning. She is a legend in her own right.

From growing up hard in the hills of West Virginia, she ran away to the big city of Cleveland, Ohio and made a business for herself as a cosmetologist and owner of her own hair salon. There she met my grandfather and fellow musician Floyd Lanning.

My grandparents Bessie and Floyd had my mom, Tara in '67, and moved with Marty to his farm in Franklin, TN shortly after. During the time they spent living there, both my grandparents were trying to make something of themselves in the country music world.

My grandmother, Bessie, is self-taught and sang on a local radio station at 17 as well as the famous Ernest Tubb Record shop in her thirties thanks to my grandfather and grandmother's close friendship with fellow established country musicians: Carl and Pearl Butler as I mentioned above.

Neither of my grandparents ever got their break in country music due to Marty Robbins and just circumstance, but despite the tough events in their lives, my grandmother inherited my grandfather's guitar and played music for over 60 years until her death at 80 years old. 

Bessie Lanning

Please check out our podcast my grandmother Bessie and I did for 2 years!

We talked country music, rock 'n roll, Nashville and interviewed celebrities!

CLICK the photo TO LISTEN!

Check out my grandmother's badass EP with songs she wrote through the 60's and 70's!

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